Beautiful U Recovery House

Premium post-op/aftercare services to assist you in your transition to a more beautiful you.

Exceptional self-care spa services like massages and body contouring are available at our spa location.

Post-Op and Spa Services

Beautiful U Recovery House

We provide premium plastic surgery post-op/aftercare recovery services to help you transition to a more beautiful you. We have experience and provide exceptional services assisting you with things such as, emptying drains, changing wound dressings, monitoring your condition to ensure you have the best recovery. We are also available to do a little light housekeeping, if needed. We come to you, so you can recovery in your own home/environment. For more information visit our services page.

Spa Services

Visit our La Wellnes Spa for an exceptional full service experience. We provide massages, weight loss body wrap treatments, foot detox, laser lipo, and we have an infrared sauna, and a total body vibration machine, just to list a few of our services. For more information, visit our services page. To book an appointment, click on the book now button. 


Spa Services


La Wellnes Spa offers a variety of services, such as Swedish and Deep Tissue massages; special massages, such as, Warm Bamboo and Prenatal.  In addition, we offer weight loss wraps, detox stations, infrared sauna, cellulite treatment; just to list a few.  


New Clients

What to expect on your first visit

We you arrive you will be given a massage intake form to complete prior to your first massage. You should arrive 15 minutes early to ensure your allotted time for your massage isn’t affected by any delays. You click on the Massage Intake Form button, download, complete and bring to your first appointment.

When you are taken to a massage room, the therapist will step out of the room to allow you to disrobe (to your comfort level) and lay on the table underneath a top sheet. During the massage, the therapist will only uncover the area of the body they are working on.

During the massage, feel free to tell the therapist the amount of press to use and the areas that you would prefer more of less attention to. When the massage is complete the therapist will step out of the room so you may get dressed. Leave the door open as you exit the room and return to the waiting area. Here you will be offered some water. It is important to stay hydrated. If you enjoyed the massage experience, you are allowed to leave a tip.


COVID-19 Practices 

At La Wellness we sanitize our work areas before each service, wipe down and disinfect items touched by guests, wash our hands frequently, and wear a mask.

Beautiful U Recovery House
On the Go

Plastic Surgery Recovery Care

We have certified tram members available to provide overnight post-op care in the privacy in your home. These services are available to residents living in the beautiful state of Florida.

Medical Care

Follow the surgery discharge paper. Provide overnight monitoring after surgery post-op care and observe for signs and symptoms of infections or post-op complications.

Personal Care Services

Assist with mobility, showering, personal hygiene, putting on and taking off your garment, forms, abdominal boards and compression socks.

Light Home Duties

Meal Prep- two light meals prep daily while in our care we only offer healthy beverages alone with a healthy smoothie for breakfast. Light house cleaning. 

Additional Services

On Demand Classes

We offer two classes on demand.

Prenatal Massage: This course is design to introduce students to Prenatal Massage and its related theories. 

Infant Massage: This course is design to introduce students to Infant Massage and its related theories.


Spa Address

760 Old Roswell Road,
Suite 248
Roswell, GA 30076


Spa Hours

Wed - Sat:   10AM - 5PM
Sun - Mon:  Closed
Tues:            Appointment ONLY